Lebanon Alert

Whistleblower platform against corruption in Lebanon

ALB is a platform which collects information about corruption in Lebanon. It was set up by a group of associations, activists, and Lebanese citizens who are anonymous for the time being, in order to ensure their effectiveness and their safety. This group transcends the various Lebanese communities, which is necessary in order to fight corruption.

ALB allows people to safely report acts of corruption, illegal fund transfers, or embezzlement of public funds perpetrated against Lebanon and its citizens, in order to bring them to public knowledge and to allow for legal action. Anonymity is guaranteed to whistleblowers in order to protect them from retaliation and to make them effective.

The group which manages ALB has already collected solid information and has started legal action in impartial European courts, in some cases directly, and in other cases through partner groups. This is only the beginning.

The end game of this initiative is to free Lebanon from the corruption which it has been enduring for decades, so as to allow for the emergence of the rule of law. This aim will only be achieved when those who have led the country to bankruptcy through corruption will have been severely punished, and the stolen assets will have been returned to their rightful owner, the Lebanese people.

As Edmund Burke said,

the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

with courage and determination, the cancer of Lebanese corruption will be vanquished.

How to send information?

What we do ?

ALB offers the following services to whistleblowers:

Secure alerts
ALB provides whistleblowers with a secure portal to send documents in English, French, and Arabic to dedicated teams of analysts and legal experts.

Legal assistance
ALB has prepared a network of Lebanese and international lawyers who are ready to advise whistleblowers and to defend them against any form of retaliation, even if their financial resources are limited.

Media relations
ALB can help whistleblowers to divulge information using its connections with journalists and professional media in Lebanon and abroad.

ALB evaluates Lebanese legislation and pleads for the adoption by Lebanese authorities of ambitious laws and regulations to protect whistleblowers.

Legal action
All collected information which is reliable and pertinent will be brought to the attention of the relevant legal authorities in Lebanon and abroad, while ensuring the whistleblowers’ anonymity. This is the main purpose of ALB.

How to send information?

What happens to the information we collect ?

The information is stored on a secure server, and is carefully examined by our analysts and legal experts, who evaluate its credibility and its usefulness.

Once the information is verified and deemed to be of public utility, and as long as the safety of the whistleblowers is ensured, it can be sent to international media outlets.

It can also be sent to the legal authorities of relevant countries, provided that the same conditions are fulfilled.

Important: our number one priority is the safety of the whistleblowers. Nothing is done without their consent, after we have verified that they cannot be identified.

How to send information?

What is a whistleblower ?

A whistleblower is neither a traitor nor a gready informer!
He or she is just a citizen who is concerned about justice, and who brings to the public eye misdeeds and offenses that are harmful to public interest.
With ALB, whistleblowers, who are often threatened or harassed by the people and organizations that are targeted by their revelations, have the choice of remaining anonymous or not. If they wish to, they can eventually be witnesses in a court of law, either anonymously or not.
Here is a non-exhaustive list of who can be a whistleblower:
- A bank employee who is aware of systems that are set up in his bank which allows for the payment of illegal commissions, money laundering, or fiscal evasion.
- A civil servant who finds out that a company has paid kickbacks to other civil servants (or to their nominees) in order to win a tender. - A company manager who is racketed by political figures or civil servants.
- An employee who witnesses his employers being corrupted.
- A hospital employee who reports doctors who are selling treatments and medication that are supposed to be free of charge.
- A repented accomplice or a witness of any form of corruption or embezzlement.
- Etc.

ALB‘s aim is to help people who choose to do the right thing - defend the common good - and to ensure that in doing so, they do not lose their freedom, their jobs, their safety, their income, or their lives.ALB has gathered solid legal and technical competencies to minimize their risks.

How to send information?

How to send information ?

Two completely secure communication channels are suggested to those who wish to send information or to receive legal or security advice:

Encrypted telephone calls
You can send chat messages and documents using the secure messaging applications Signal or WhatsApp, to this number:
All messages sent through these applications are automatically encrypted on your telephone before they are sent, and can only be read by the recipient. Our advice is to: 1. Dedicate a telephone to these messages, if you can 2. Make sure to erase the messages that you send.

You can send messages and attachements to veracom.2023@proton.me
We also recommend that you delete the e-mail once it has been sent.